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Lessons on Pricing for Product Startups – Consumer...
User By: Nari Kannan
Since the time Philip Kotler wrote his valuable tome on Marketing, technology has evolved so much that...
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Building a Business
Product Business is Very Different from Services
User By: Shirish Deodhar
What is the difference between software services and products? Why is it important for India to be...
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Collective Learning
Sustaining India's IT Exports
Growth: Why Products...
User By: Shyamanuja Das
Going by its 12th five year plan projections, the Indian government expects that the IT/ITES...
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Will B.PAC and iSPIRT Transform Urban Politics & the Software...
User By: Rishikesha Krishnan
While we usually focus on product, process and business model innovation as the main facets of...
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Featured Interviews
EmployWise: Improving the ROI in employee lifecycle management
User By: Arun Katiyar
Effective employee lifecycle management is acquiring importance from a talent acquisition and retention perspective; from an employee satisfaction angle; as well as from a...
Zomato "gets" foodies, and it gets them so well
User By: Sanket Nadhani
I am a foodie. And a big Zomato fan, no pun intended anywhere. Here, I am going to talk about everything we foodies love about Zomato and all the things it could do better.
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Feb 14th, 2013
Product development is stimulating
Feb 8th, 2013
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Feb 5th, 2013
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Intersting Points
Lean way of sales
User By: Meghshyam Gholap
New age platform. What it could be?
User By: Jainendra Kumar
Building for the world? Then take it to the world.
User By: Sanket Nadhani
Content Generation – The 10 commandments
User By: Siddharth Hedge
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